3 strikes rule dating


3 strikes rule dating

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If some people want to say that im shutting myself away ill let them say it im not going to use dating apps or websites for the purpose of just being with someone because it is a social status rule of some sort.

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Im referring to the rule where if a girl says she cant do something with you 3 times shes out 2 questions about this does asking a girl to hangout not on a date somewhere and her rejecting it count and if she gives excuses that work.

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Having the three strikes rule would definitely save a lot of time from dating someone who didnt respect your time or had different values the key is being honest with yourself about how you want to be treated and putting your foot down when youre not.

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A 2015 study found that threestrikes laws were associated with a 33 increase in the risk of fatal assaults on law enforcement officers new zealand in 2010 new zealand enacted a similar threestrikes law called the sentencing and parole reform act 2010.

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In the romance game it s three strikes and you re out by look im telling you this to help make it a rule to give a girl three chances then stick to that rule youll save yourself a lot of time and heartache dating and romance 187.

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