Dating a vintage omega watch

Dating a vintage omega watch

Dating a vintage omega watch 1

vintage omega watches from the golden period when the company still manufactured its own movements inhouse are one of our specialities the quality of omega production pre1980s was extremely high and compared side by side there is no doubt at.

Dating a vintage omega watch 2

dating from 1955 this superbly preserved black dialled gentlemans vintage omega seamaster is a watch that we find particularly appealing both on account of its eye catching good looks but also because of its historical significance within the development of the famous seamaster genre.

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I have omega pocket watch ser 2012518 wondering the production year.

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There is a watch for every man from all walks of life since its foundation by louis brandt in 1848 omega has continually marked the history of watchmaking.

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Disclaimer this chart is in no way a substitute for contacting omega vintage information with the serial number of an omega movement and requesting information as it is a very inexact guide.

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Gruen style numbers that are found in cases of vintage gruen watches can be used to date gruen watches accurately this style number dating technique is described in detail the page is a peer reviewed and published paper in the nawcc and the awci horological journals.

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Howard frum jewelers is not affiliated with rolex usa all brands named here are properties of their respective owners howard frum jewelers is not an authorized rolex dealer.

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Though it might seem unusual the x33s multifunction analoguedigital design was by no means a new concept to omega they already had a very suitable basis for the x33s multifunction design and had long been making watches with a similar capability though with a simpler interface and without the sophisticated missionspecific functions of the x33.

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Qualitytyme rare amp fine timepieces specializes in exceptional modern and vintage wristwatches we offer a unique selection of watch accessories watch winders and horological books as well as providing expert watch repair and restoration services that are second to none we also publish the rolex report a series of critically acclaimed reference books used by thousands of watch dealers.

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