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Elegant solutions

Keep Left Signs
There are many different types of keep left sign but are they always necessary?
See examples where the DfT have supported the absence of the
keep left sign in the Walworth Road, London.

Free Download on Keep Left Signs
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Uncluttered skid resistant road surface
Tidy uncluttered streets give the impression of quality. Different coloured surfaces can make a road look cluttered. And there is a very wide range of coloured road surfaces to chose from. Too many in fact. There are no legal reasons to use different colours. Sometimes changes of colour occur where a skid resistant material is used, as a safety measure. Yet a skid resistant material which is the same colour as the rest of the road may look neater.

Guyana bauxite, a dark grey material, achieves a skid resistance of 70PSV (polished stone value) considered satisfactory by the Highways Agency for “demanding” locations. It is the same colour as a normal road surface and thereby reduces clutter.


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